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                                             Custom Order

We receieved the commission order from the MEDZ music company to create their merchandises out of their logo. There will be more to come!!

この所、東京の芸能事務所 "MEDZ" 様からのご依頼を頂き、グッズ製作に励んでおります。その他ネックレス二つも製作中です!

                                         11月 November 2018

SALE! SALE! SALE!! セールが一晩限定で始まりまーす!

                                      30% Off! One Night Only!! 9月2日!

One Night Only Event in Fukuoka! Limited products on sale up to 30%! Be There!!At KOKARA in Daimyo, Tenjin FUKUOKA.


                                         9月 September 2018



Thanks everyone for coming to New York Fair! We'll see you again at the JR Osaka LUCUA 1100 Isetan Closet!


ルクアイーレ Isetan Closetでお会い致しましょう!

It's Coming!!! New York Fair at the Hankyu  Umeda Department Store  on May 9th.


エスカレーター9階 正面会場斜め左側のブースです。

Thanks for shopping with us at Osaka Takashimaya Department store! Hope to see you again at the next event!


April 2018

It's Coming!! 次は大阪なんば高島屋です!Join Us in Osaka Takashimaya.


March 2018

Happy 2018!!

Our next Pop Up will be in Kyoto! Please join us!



Jan 2018

Happening Right Now!!

大丸福岡天神店 本館1階にて期間限定Pop Up Shop開催中です!


Oct 2017



We'll be show casing our jewelry at the Daimaru Department store in Fukuoka JAPAN on Oct 25th ~ 31st!! Be there!

10月25日から31日の間、福岡大丸天神本館1Fにて期間限定Pop Up Shopとして出展致します!是非お越し下さい!


September 2017

Mother's day is around the corner. Our custom order requires 20 business days to be delivered. Just a friendly reminder :)

April 2017

Feliz San Valentin!! Our 14K angel wing necklace is available during this sweetheart season! For the inquiry, please contact us at

February 2017

Happy 2017!! Let's continue to party more on 2017!


January 2017

Pop up shop at Hankyu Department store. December 2016.

西宮阪急にて期間限定Pop Upを開催。阪急西宮ガーデンズ 1F催し物売り場

Our brand new "Victoria" and "Romanesque" series have ranched!!! July 2016


Back in Brooklyn! Will be here till October, so stay tuned.


March 2016

Happy New Year!! Best wishes to the year 2016!!


January 2016

Our new Pop Up Shop is open in Tenjin Fukuoka from December 14th ~ 20th!

福岡天神のギャラリー”アート・フレンズ”にてPop Upを開催いたします!

December 2015